Sunday, October 02, 2005

Jowell's Online Habits

The internet is embedded into my daily life. I use it to check my e-mail several times a day to keep up on recent affairs. There is nothing that spreads information faster than the internet. That is why I check the news online. From learning about the latest happenings around the world to reading up on trivial celebrity gossip, the internet quenches my thirst for all types of news. In addition, the internet makes the world a smaller place by uniting people all over the world. What a better way to use such technology then play computer games. Being able to frag people you do not even know is made possible because of the internet. I am also addicted to Final Fantasy XI. This massively multiplayer online role playing game or MMORPG consumes the bulk of my free time. I like it because I am able to play with a diverse community of thousands of people that provides a different experience every time I log on. The internet is a fun and exiciting tool that I use everyday.


At 8:03 PM, Blogger Quynh said...

if i could affort the monthly payment i would be all over FFXI ...but since i'm a student Guild Wars is for me :) ...i play FF since III on the super nintendo and now with school i owned FFX and FFX-2 (still in the box ...but i'm looking foward to it being on PSP ;)


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