Sunday, October 02, 2005

How Steve Uses the Web

I use the World Wide Web for both work and play. Most of the time it is a procrastination tool as I chat with friends on AIM or read articles that most defiantly do not add any useful knowledge to my over capacitated mind. When I am being productive I use it as a business and a learning tool. I have learned HTML, JavaScript, and I am learning PHP with the help of some online tutorials. Thanks to Google, I am able to find guides and practice projects to learn these languages. I also build web pages for a hobby and a job. I have a few clients from local companies to companies over seas in Taiwan. Business is pretty steady, when I graduate college hopefully I can start a company with the clients I have now and some determination. But for now, as a student usually use the web for pleasure. If it’s not random surfing similar to what I mentioned before, it’s shopping or checking out new CD releases or movie reviews. Basically, I used the World Wide Web for everything.


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