Friday, September 30, 2005

Article Analysis

We briefly discussed our first assignment in class today. There are some points that you might find helpful when you are starting your search for an appropriate article and begin your draft. They are:

• Pick an article that clearly addresses one of the audiences.

• Choose a print article. Web-based versions make it hard to discuss layout and illustration.

• Avoid really short articles. One page articles only give you a small amount of information to work with.

• Make sure it is science or technology related.

• The audience for this paper is myself and a student who has not taken TC 231.

Here are the dates you should keep in mind as we work on this assignment:

Due Dates:

Monday, October 3
Hand in photocopies of two potential articles

Wednesday, October 5
Turn in a draft and memo for instructor review

Monday, October 10
Complete Draft for Peer Review

Wednesday, October 12
Hand in the final draft with a copy of your article

Remember, I am happy to meet with you during office hours to discuss your progress and answer questions. You can also make an appointment in the Engineering Writing Center if you want additional help.


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