Friday, October 28, 2005


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Wednesday, October 26, 2005


During our discussion today, it seemed like most of you had some experience with a poor set of instructions. What effect did these instructions have on your perception of the company who created them? Did they have any effect on your ability to complete the task they were describing? Did you have to go to other resources like the Web or customer support?

Feel free to posts responses in the comments.

*Instructions Assignment*

Here are the materials you will need to begin work on the instructions assignment:

Instructions assignment description (PDF)
Group information sheet (Word)
Self-evaluation form (PDF)
Group-evaluation form (PDF)

I will discuss the evaluation forms in class on Friday, 10/28.


We will continue to pick up the pace with work on the instructions assignment and our midterm. Here are the dates that you should be keeping an eye on:

Friday, October 28
Instructions topics due via email by 5pm

Monday, October 31
Completed group information sheet will be handed in
Mid-quarter evaluation with CIDR*

Wednesday, November 2
Midterm review

Friday, November 4
Midterm exam

Monday, November 7
Complete instructions due for peer review/usability test

Wednesday, November 9
Final draft of instructions due

* I will explain more about the mid-quarter evaluation in class on Friday, 10/28.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Discussion section

I am having a tough time creating a concise discussion section. I feel like I am just repeating the results section with more words. If anybody is having an easier time with this section and could give me some hints on what else I can do please let me know.

For Class on Monday

I know we need at least one copy of our research report for peer review on monday, but do we need one more to turn in?

Research Report Graphs/Tables

If we manipulate the raw data in any way at all, particularly through calculations, should we put a table or graph of the manipulated data into the discussion section as opposed to the results section?