Friday, December 09, 2005


Our work is finally finished. I want to thank everyone for a great quarter and hope all of you continue to refine the skills we have been working on for the past 10 weeks.

Of course, I can't resist one final link...

It takes a while to load, but it seems like an appropriate way to close out the blog given the pace we've been working at this quarter.

Have a great holiday!

Thursday, December 08, 2005


"Blog" made the Lake Superior State University 2005 List of Banished Words.

I would love to banish it, but a replacement doesn't seem very likely at this point.


I just wanted to remind everyone what you should have prepared to turn in tomorrow. I will need a copy of your definition and description along with a copy of ALL the sources you have used in your research. I will be assessing how effectively you have cited these sources in your work.

If you are using large documents such as textbooks or sizeable research reports, simply print out the pages that you referenced in your assignment. I don't need to have an entire 40 page research report and I certainly don't want all of you burning up print resources to hand in an additional 150 pages of documentation.

Also, make sure you arrive on time for tomorrow's class. I will collect your assignments, return your in-class writings, cover a few final ideas, and hand out course evaluations before we adjourn.

As stated in the syllabus, there will not be an opportunity to hand in a late version of this last assignment.

Definition and Description Presentations

The syllabus says that we are supposed to give a definition and description presentation on Friday. How detailed are these presentations spposed to be? Are we just supposed to give a brief description of what we did ours on, like the instructions assignment? A little clarification would help. Thanks

Monday, December 05, 2005

Follow Up

It's a little after the fact, but these instructions are worth a look.

I think anyone who gets this thing to fly probably already knows how to use it.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Blogs Strike Back

The internet makes it a lot easier to shine a light on plagiarism cases. Guy Fawkes has decided to take advantage of this fact and offer up an award to the journalist who is responsible for the most egregious theft of ideas from people who are running blogs. You can see a list of nominations here:

Press Plagiarist of the Year Award - 2005

I think it's interesting to see all of the gyrations that new and old media sources are going through as they collide in this new environment. What do you think?