Sunday, October 02, 2005

the internet through my eyes

For as long as I can remember, I have had exposure to the Internet in some form or another. In the beginning, the internet was merely a source of information for me; I’d use it to gather resources for assignments and projects. As both I and the internet developed, I started to use the internet for more and more tasks. Not only is it a great information and learning tool, but the internet allows for global communication, whether it’s with my friends and family back home, or my other roommates in our house. I can sample new music from artists that I’ve never even heard of. I can read information that no publisher would ever dare to publish. I can organise a travel itinerary, buy books online and look up cooking recipes. I can read local news from any city in the world. There is a countless amount of information at my fingertips on any subject that I wish to know more about. I’m sure that there is almost nothing that you could think of that hasn’t already been placed on the internet by someone, somewhere.


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