Sunday, October 16, 2005

Lab notes

This reasearch seems like it will be very challenging to write a report about. Are we susposed to make some large assumptions about certain parts of the experiment? The lab notes do not seem to have enough information in them. Also, I think that the information from the results seems very confusing and vague. It seems to me like we are either missing somthing or we are susposed to make a lot of assumtions for this assignment.


At 8:51 AM, Blogger Munro said...

The last section in the lab notes is pretty confusing. I don't understand the two sets of results-one being in percentages and the other in numbers of errors and successful calculations. Do both groups have the model pully system and the instruction manual? The results impy that there is one group for the manual and one for the model, but then it has errors in cutting string properly for both, which is an activity for the model. Any insight would be nice.

At 12:29 PM, Blogger Linda said...

I agree, it is kinda confusing using percentages and odd details about types of answers. As for interpretation, I believe there are 6 groups of three(also equally representing the different shifts). Half of the groups are assigned the insturction manual while the other half is assigned the working model.

When it comes to the errors in cutting the string, I'm assuming that if that group has one person got it right, then the other two must have got it wrong. When someone made an error, the other two did not. (An error is different from a wrong answer because you can still come up with the write answer but use faulty logic)For the working model, I would also assume that since there is no mention of operators not able to construct a proper rope path, then they all were able. Does this clear things up at all?


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